Water Supply Products

Submersible And Surface Pumps

We stock and sell a wide variety of high quality submersible and surface pumps, with a whole host of accessories including:- Submersible Borehole Pumps Booster Sets Control Panels (Inc. Dry Run Protection built in.) Water Treatment Systems Pressure Vessels And Much More... All our products are competitively priced with no compromise in quality, ensuring maximum return on investment. With quality aftercare service available when required. Contact us to help meet your water supply needs.

Solar Powered Pumps

We are official distributors and installers for the Lorentz range of Solar powered pumping products. High quality, specialist installations. We are able to offer the complete package of well drilling, system sizing and design, through to installation and completion. Able to offer a truly economically feasible and sustainable solution in remote areas, unrestricted by mains electricity supply constraints. Completely off grid solutions. Ideal for remote properties, and able to supply water for livestock and crops in distant/remote pastures.  We stock and sell the complete range of Solar submersible and surface pumps, swimming pool circulation pumps, control panels with remote monitoring and bluetooth connectivity. Contact us today to see how you can benefit from a solar powered water supply system.  
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